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Human Anatomy Multimedial Interactive Atlas – Vol. 1, 2, & 3

Authors: Giuseppe Anastasi, Eugenio Gaudio, Carlo Tacchetti, Estomih Mtui (Editor English Edition)

ISBN: 9788870516906


“Human Anatomy – Multimedial Interactive Atlas” is made of a paper support and a web platform (Virtual Campus), combining an innovative learning strategy for anatomy based on a precise representation of the anatomical structures and virtual spaces in the live human.

The web platform Virtual Campus, so innovative in the Anatomy Atlas world, displays a rich collection of didactic material content:

  • A complete course of Topographic Anatomy offers guided tracks through specific resources;
  • 3D interactive reconstruction of organs or anatomical regions from CT or RM exams;
  • Commented laparoscopy and endoscopy videos;
  • Commented dissection movies;
  • Interactive stratigraphic animations.

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Technical details:
Three volumes 23 x 31 cm
Total pages 1856
Richly illustrated in color