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Idiopathic Scoliosis

Conservative Treatment with Elastic Bands - Theoretical and Practical Handbook of the Rovatti Method

Authors: Emanuele Rovatti,

Marco Rovatti

ISBN: 9788870515169


In the treatment of scoliosis, the Rovatti Method® provides therapeutic rehabilitation professionals with a method, starting from the same theoretical concepts as the Lyon treatment, that encourages active participation from the patient as a subject in the personal process of re-education and self-correction. The Rovatti Method® works with professional-quality elastic bands of different densities and levels of resistance which are capable of “wrapping” and shaping the spine as if they were the hands of a therapist. In this way, the limits of physiotherapeutic or kinesitherapeutic treatments imposed on the therapist-patient relationship can be exceeded. This type of treatment thus makes it possible to treat multiple patients simultaneously. This results in a double advantage: it offers younger patients a corrective method that’s “easier” to accept while working as a team; the second motivating factor is economic in nature, for those families who are in need of a challenging therapeutic process. In addition, the theoretical and practical handbook offers an anthology of exercises (about 80, explained and illustrated) which are essential and characteristic of the Rovatti Method®, exploring the modes of execution, principles, and corrective objectives. The exercises are organized into categories, according to their corrective goals, and offered to patients in relation to the risk of development of their scoliosis.

Potential readers: rehabilitation specialists, physiotherapists, motor science graduates.

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Publisher: edi-ermes (2018)
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