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Lymphatic Drainage

Theory, Basic and Applied Techniques & Decongestive Physiotherapy

Authors: Didier Tomson,

Christian Schuchhardt

ISBN: 9788870514742


Manual lymphatic drainage is a physiokinesitherapeutic method that offers a range of possible applications: it is designed to assist the body’s natural lymphatic drainage system, which works through the network of lymphatic capillaries, the lymphangia, and the main lymphatic vessels. In the first part of the book – The physical treatment of edema: theory – the reader is given the basic information, anatomical, physiological, pathophysiological and clinical, needed in order to understand the lymphatic system and the pathological processes associated with it, the aim being to provide him or her with the instruments needed to develop an efficient therapeutic strategy. In the second part – The physical treatment of edema: practice – the reader is provided with a wealth of illustrations, essential for gaining a full understanding of multilayered compression bandaging, decongestive exercises and, of course, manual lymphatic drainage techniques, and their practical application. The volume is enriched by a video section (28 videos) on manual lymphatic drainage and elastic compression bandaging techniques.

Potential readers: specialists in rehabilitation medicine, physiotherapists, angiologists, masseurs.

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