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Claudio Zimaglia

Claudio Zimaglia, physiotherapist and DOE osteopath (College osteopatique de Provence; Third Course Degree of Osteopathic Medicine, European Council of Osteopathic Schools), is a member and founding partner of the AIFOS (Italian Association of Sports Physiotherapists and Osteopaths) who works in providing physiotherapy assistance to both able-bodied and disabled athletes during national and international events. He was the physiotherapist manager responsible for the Athlete Assistance Service and coordinator of physiotherapists at the Turin University Olympics in 2007, during which occasion he organized, together with AIFOS collaborators, the international pre-congress University and sport: progress in prevention and treatment of sports injuries. He is mainly interested in sports physiotherapy, manual therapy, study of postural alterations, posturology, functional bandaging, and postural reeducation (including through the application of the Pilates method, about which he conducts theoretical-practical courses with the FisioPilates® method). He is working especially in the tennis world following national and international level athletes, assisting them as a physiotherapist during competitions. He has collaborated with the odontostomatological clinic of Professor Pietro Bracco, director of the University Clinic of Orthodontics of the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery of Turin, in the field on craniomandibular dysfunction research and postural correlations in the sports. He is currently Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Sport Sciences of Turin.

  • Sports Massage and Complementary Techniques
  • Functional Bandaging in Orthopedic and Sports Traumatology

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